Spinning the Shetland

I spun my pile of combed fluff this evening.  I’m a woolen spinner by default so this will be a semi-worsted* yarn.  The experience was divine.  My fiber hand has the slightest gloss of lanolin; I’m wishing I had left a little more when I washed the fiber.

It’s impossible to see from this bit of spun yarn, but the two fleeces are slightly different browns, one darker than the other.  When combed, the fiber appears to be the same. But when spun, the difference is evident.  This may cause the yarn to look “shadowed” in places.  I’m excited to see the end result!

By the way, Sir Kitty Paws was not helping.  He waited until everything stopped spinning to plop down on my table.

I’m.interested to see how much yarn I will end up with as well!  And what it will become in the end.  I keep threatening to weave fabric for a vest for my Shepherd Husband.  Seems only fair for all the work he does with the sheep.  Perhaps.


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