We teach TONS of classes!  Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the latest schedule via email!  Listed below are some of our ongoing events and descriptions of some of our classes.  Check our Calendar for exact dates each month!


Ongoing Classes and Gatherings

whidbey8 Wednesday Weaving. Every Wednesday. (10:30-4:00ish) Bring your portable loom and weave with us! Take a lesson, or get help with a project. Call or email us to set up an appointment.

Thursday Fiber Arts.  Every Thursday. (10:30-4:00ish) Bring whatever you’re working on — knitting, crochet, rug hooking, spinning, anything you can put in your car and bring with you — and join us for this social craft circle.  Be productive with friends!


Newsletter header Cricket April

4th Saturdays: Rigid Heddle Club monthly  meeting. (1:00-3:00ish) All rigid heddle weavers welcome! Gather with like minded people for Show & Tell, sharing ideas, learning about what’s new in rigid heddle weaving, and a short mini-lesson on a technique or tool.  Get help with your weaving questions and share your ideas. Refreshments provided.


 Some of our Other Available Classes & Workshops

lace weaves 3Weaving Lace on a Rigid Heddle Loom.  You’ve mastered plain weave on your rigid heddle loom, and now you’d like to try something new.  Spend a fun day learning different lace weave structures and techniques.  Bring your lunch or plan to take a brief break for nearby fast food to optimizing your weaving time. Students will arrive with a warped loom, so sign up in plenty of time to receive warping instructions. 

Beginninhandwoven clothg Weaving Class (all tools and supplies provided, $90). Bring your lunch and a drink and join us for a full day of learning about looms, how they work, and how to weave on one. Leave with your own handwoven scarf! Offered by request.  Call to schedule a convenient time, or choose a date already on our calendar.


Beginning Wheel Spin0711106-schacht 064ning.  (all tools and supplies provided, $90) Go from no experience to experienced spinner in this one fun day! Bring your lunch and a drink and join us for a full day of learning about the spinning wheel, how it works, what all those knobs and pulleys do, what to do with your hands, and how to get your hands and feet to work together.  Leave with your own handspun two-ply yarn!  Call to schedule for one person or up to a group of five.

IMG_6679Spinning Mohair 5 Ways Class ($65) Learn all about mohair: how it differs from wool, what it’s strengths and weaknesses are, when it might be the perfect fiber for your project, and five ways to spin it!  Participants should bring a spinning wheel in good working order, 3 bobbins, a Lazy Kate, and all the usual spinning tools. This is an advanced beginner level class.

Most of my classes are taught at the store.  The major exception is Acid Dye Diva! where we will be using lots of jars of dyes.  That class is taught at the Farm where there is a shop with a concrete floor that can be spilled upon with wild abandon!

Private or Small Group Classes

I teach classes in the following fiber arts:

  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Rug Hooking
  • Weaving
  • Spinning
  • Dyeing (natural and chemical)
  • Felting.

I pride myself on being able to meet my students where they are in their fiber arts journey, and move them to the next level according to their own interests. To book some private class time, just give me a call (972-616-3276) or send me an email.

Fiber Arts Parties!

Want to do something different with your friends the next time you get together? I also host private fiber arts parties!  To plan your get together, tell me what you are interested in,  how much time you would like to spend, how many people are going to be invited, and whether you want to come to my shop or would prefer that I come to you.  I will put together a fiber arts activity just for you and your friends.  It’s lots of fun, and something different from going to a restaurant, shopping, or a movie!

Call Mary at the shop for more information! (972) 616-3276.

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  1. Loved learning about your shop last week on Good Morning Texas. Can’t wait to come visit, see all the beautiful items, and sign up for some classes. See you soon.

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