Welcome to the ¬†Fancy Fibers School, Store, and Artist’s Studio, in Farmersville, Texas.

We are a full-service shop providing materials, tools, and equipment for weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting, and rug hooking. Located in Farmersville, Texas (just east of McKinney and north of¬†Dallas) since 2013, we offer classes and workshops year-round for a variety of skill levels. Join our friendly fiber artists’ groups and let our knowledgeable staff help you on your creative journey!

We have everything you need to …


We stock looms, wheels, and other fiber arts equipment from a variety of manufacturers including Schacht, Kromski, LeClerc, Gilmakra, Ashford, Spinolution, and more! We also offer classes in weaving, spinning, felting, dyeing, rug hooking, and other creative arts.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I would like to take some classes but can not find in the calendar date and time of classes.

  2. Are you teaching beginning spinning this weekend or taking off the holiday weekend? Martha puckett

  3. Spent a wonderful day at the shop taking a spinning class. It was a great class and I learned so much…..especially that it takes time spent practicing what I learned. Met another friendly beginning spinner who had an amazing antique wheel. Hi Sarah!

  4. Gigi turned me on to your store. Loved looking around the website. We’re already looking for a date when we can both come for a class.

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